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NETSHe firmware user guide

Setup to deal with external SNMP server

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SNMP setup

SNMP configuration page is available at menu «System→Network management system integration».

SNMP subsystem allows to:

  1. be polled at device address
  2. to send traps or informs to specified SNMP server

Device supports SNMP protocols v1, 2 and 3. Protocols v1 and 2 may used to poll device and gather information. Protocol v3 allows to poll device as well as to send traps from device.

Configuration for SNMP v1 or 2 is very simple.

Just enable SNMP daemon, specify port for listing and read/write community string. Change hostname to be informative inside monitoring system. Then restart service or device.

Typical settings are shown in a picture below.

Configuration for v3 is a bit complex.

Enable SNMP daemon; make settings for v1/2; specify address and port where to send SNMP traps or informs; specify what are you want to send (inform or trap) and specify login and password (on tab «Network management system» which will be used to interact with device.

When inform/traps are used to notify monitoring system, four barriers may be configured (Device will send trap or inform when average CPU load will be greater than specified value or amount of free memory will be less than specified value).

Additional settings

Device description / location, contact person and email may be useful to identificate device inside monitoring system faster.

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